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House Techno & EDM by Lisa Pure

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Lisa Pure


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On July 14

Lisa Pure will be performing at Eve's Ultra Lounge in Staten Island, New York. The event begin's at 9 PM and ends at 4 AM She will be on stage at 1 AM.

About Lisa Pure

Lisa Pure is a recording artist, singer, songwriter, and dancer that does house music, as well as EDM. Her song with Roger Sanchez, "Lost," was once number one on the Billboard Dance Charts. She's best known for her vocal performance on this song and has been nominated for Best New Artist at the International Dance Music Awards. She is also a former MTV dancer and was crowned Miss Shoreline, which led to her competing in the Miss Connecticut and Miss America Scholarship Pageant Circuit.

Today, her focus is on music and she believes that the most important thing to remember is that your passion about what you do is everything. She's living proof—living her life as the artist she wants to be and she never stops moving. Since 1999, her music has been a part of her life and she's never been happier. Over a nearly 20-year career, she's evolved and worked with countless industry legends to create house music. She attributes that success to the guidance of her mentors but works hard to create what moves her as an individual. Lisa Pure is a EDM and house music artist, and also owns her record label, constantly refining her music, her performance, and working to improve her talents.

Lisa Pure During Outstanding Performance


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